About Me

Name: Cleo
Im 19 years old, living in London , Victoria.

I love shopping, shoes, cloths, acessories, treat my hair. and download my silly things. Basicly Im a normal girl with a idea of what really life is. Im not really good expre4ssing myself or my feelings, so thts is one of the reason I really love tumblr, or we heart ir, xD. Just come to share so perfect taste that we had together, have fun and relax, in my blog. By the way WELCOME to my universe.

Important, my prince, my friends, my family, love myself, be thin and healthy xp

Adiction Music, KPOP, J POP, Dramas (only kdramas, or jdramas, not human normal ones) diy my hair, Nails, Kawaii Things, My BIAS, :-)