sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011

Amazon review (Vampire Knight vol 13)

Well, I'll tell you my experience with Amazon. First I must say that the delivery was amazing, in two days I received my book in excellent condition. And hopefully buy more at
Amazon, oh Amazon.... thank you so much for my manga!!!

segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

Lee Gi Kwang

Lee Gi-kwang (Korean: 이기광) is a South Korean idol and dancer. He was a solo singer under Cube Entertainment, also known by his stage name as "Ace Junior" (AJ) when he debuted. He released his first Mini Album "First Episode A New Hero"[1][2] which features the works of the famous composer Brave Brothers. He has now become a member of Beast.

I loveeee uuu opppaaa

Miss A

Miss A (Korean: 미쓰에이), commonly stylized as miss A, is a South Korean girl group created by JYP Entertainment through their sub-label AQ Entertainment.
Fei and Jia are considered two of the four best recognized female celebrities of Chinese origin active in the South Korean entertainment scene, along with f(x)'s Victoria Song and fashion model Wei Sun

Vintage Day

Shoes from your dreams #6

A perfect dream room

blue outfit #3

Kawaii cake,

I want  to x.x

Hairstyle #2

daily pic 3

I love colorfull things

Scientists have proven that 1645782426 people on the internet are too lazy to read that number